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Anders W. Borgland

Anders is the Deputy Head of the PAA Scientific Applications department. He is also in charge of the Science Operations group in the Fermi LAT Instrument Science Operations Center where he spends his time dealing with Fermi LAT science data processing and monitoring and overall detector performance studies and improvements. Anders has also recently joined the SLAC SuperCDMS group where is he the lead of the Software and Computing group.

Anders was born in Norway, went to high school in France and then shuttled between the two countries to get an Engineering degree in Applied Physics and a Diplome d'Etudes Approfondies in Theoretical physics. Along the way he also picked up a lower degree in Philosophy.

Anders then became a graduate student in Experimental Particle Physics in Bergen, Norway, looking for B0s oscillations with the DELPHI experiment at LEP, CERN. After graduating, Anders traded the perpetual rain of Bergen for sunny California and the good life in the Bay Area and became a Post-Doc in the Berkeley Lab BaBar group where he worked on the BaBar Level-1 Drift Chamber trigger. Anders then joined the SLAC GLAST (Fermi) LAT group in 2004.

In a previous life Anders enjoyed reading, listening to music and driving around in a purple Camaro convertible. In his current life he's the proud father to twin girls.

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