The big hitter is Albania. Albania interventions (see include:

Mar 18 1st two cases , halted all schools, canceled all large public gatherings and asked sports federations to cancell scheduled matches; Mar 10 lockdown bars, restaurants, g=yms, discos, and venues with live music ordered closed; Mar 11 all sermons, prayers and mosques canceled; 70 checkpoints set up to ensure people comply with self quarantine;  Mar 13 hardening of lockdown; M1r 15 K-12 instruction moved outside, all museums, cinemas, theatres and public parks closed; Mar 16 emergency legislation social, cultural and public gatherings banned, curfew fro 18:0 onwards. Mar 23 +> 100 cases. 

When one removes Albania the chart is as below:

There is a hint that Croatia IPDV may have dropped towards the end of  March.

Bosnia Herzegovina  has a spike 3/11/2020 possibly associated with the shutting down of schools and universities. Mar 5 first 2 cases; Mar 11 shutdown schools and universities; Mar 18 ban public gatherings, all eating facilities, beauty salons, coffee bars, discos, tea shops, cafes, final exams for primary and secondary education canceled; Mar 21 first death, curfew 18:00-05:00.

Serbia and Montenegro has peaks Mar 16, Mar 27-30 and Apr 6. Mar 17 curfew 20:00-05:00 introduced and people over 65 cannot leave residence at any time, Mar 28 curfew extended to start at 15:00 at weekends

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