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  1. Giovanna asked me about PSR J2047+5029, located about 0.5 degrees from the center of the SNR. From ATNF ( we have this.

    # RAD.     PSRJ                     P0                                     S1400                    DIST1  EDOT
    DISTANCE                          (s)                                    (mJy)                    (kpc)  (ergs/s)
    1     2.94     J2038+5319    dtws85     1.424568215153          11  hlk+04     0.3        0  lylg95     3.55   1.3e+31
    2     0.328    J2047+5029    jsb+09     0.445944557385           4  jsb+09     0.38       4  jsb+09     4.44   1.9e+33

    All of the Fermi gamma-ray pulsars have observed Edot > 3E33 erg/s. For normal radio-loud pulsars, the lowest Edots are more like >3E34 erg/s. At 4.4 kpc from Earth and with such a low Edot, J2047 is a terrible gamma-ray pulsar candidate and the fact that there is no counter-part in 2FGL is normal. Nevertheless, I checked in Toby's 3-year list that goes down to TS=10 and nope, nothing.

    We do not have a timing solution ("radio rotation ephemeris") for this pulsar. Therefore, we have never phase-folded photons from its direction. It does not strike me as useful or necessary to do so. This said, if you people really want to, with declination +50 it is probably monitored by JBO (in spite of the fairly low S1400=0.38 mJy) and I can get you an ephemeris and phase-fold.

    Giovanna also asked me about references for J2047. "jsb+09", above, is jsb+09:
    Janssen, G. H., Stappers, B. W., Braun, R., van Straten, W., Edwards, R. T., Rubio-Herrera, E., van Leeuwen, J. & Weltevrede, P., 2009. Discovery and timing of the first 8gr8 Cygnus survey pulsars. A&A, 498, 223-231.
    which she sent me in her query. So I'm not quite sure what more than that she may want.

    Don't hesitate to contact me for clarifications of any of the above.