1. Go to the SLAC User's Organization (SLUO) website and fill out the SLAC User Information Form.
    Note: This form must be submitted before a SLAC account request can be processed. When filling out this form, be sure to list a SLAC Spokesperson/Sponsor/Supervisor.
    Tip:  Most people list Richard Dubois as their SLAC Spokesperson.
  2. Apply for a computer account that you'll be using as follows - note that a unix account fulfills the function of an explicit confluence account:


  • If you have not had a response within one week after submitting a request, please e-mail slac-helplist@glast2.stanford.edu in order to determine the status of your application.

(When complete, applications are normally processed within twenty-four hours.)

Once you have a SLAC account:

  • Once you have a SLAC account, you must change your password within 24 hours. (See Changing Your Unix Password.)
  • Note that confluence will use your unix account/password for authentication, once you have it.

Here is a list of publicly accessible machines (interactive login and batch).

Tip: Passwords must be changed every 6 months; be sure to change them accordingly. To get warnings that your password is about to expire, make sure you have email forwarding enabled on your SLAC account.

  • Mandatory Training: Cyber Security Awareness.  New users have 30 days in which to complete this course; however, it is recommended that you take it as soon as possible. (See Cyber Security Basics — Mandatory Training.)
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