Confluence will be unavailable from 0600 to 1300 PDT on Saturday, September 18th, for an upgrade.

We need to restart Confluence to clear a plugin issue.

A deadlock is causing a build-up of processes on confluence.  To prevent a hang during working hours, confluence will be restarted at 23:30 tonight.


Auto Indexing is failing

The automatic indexing of new/revised Confluence content is failing.  We are manually "flushing" the indexing queue as we can.  Actually fixing this will require a confluence restart.  That is tentatively scheduled for Feb 19.

In order to perform important database maintenance, Confluence, Jira and Crowd will be down from 5:15pm to about 6:45pm, on Friday, Jan 17.

Update:  in order to fix the Team Calendars issue, we will have a Confluence outage from 5-6pm PDT on Tuesday, August 27.

As of early this afternoon (2019 Aug 22), Team Calendars have stopped rendering.  We have a ticket open with the vendor.


In order to clear hung threads, confluence was restarted at about 5:30pm PDT on 2019/08/13.

As part of the SLAC Web Security project, our Confluence server will be moved behind the F5 proxy device on August 1st.  Users should see no change or interruption in service.


OCIO is aware that Confluence has been hanging (becoming unresponsive) more frequently, since approximately mid-May.  We are continuing to investigate the problem to find the root cause.  We restart Confluence as soon as possible when it does hang.  Thank you for your patience.

4/29/2019 10:27am - A temporary license has been received and the plugin show be functioning again. (*JS*)


This plugin is no longer free, and our attempt to get a a temporary license have not been successful.  We have no ETA when this might be fixed.

Apologies for this disruption.

Due to a security issue, the "Download All" attachments" link on the attachment management panel will no longer work.  Though it will still appear for pages which have more than one attachment, it will generate an error.

Individual attachments can still be downloaded.

Due to critical security issues, the WebDAV Plugin and the Widget Connector have been disabled. Apologies for any inconvenience if this affects functionality.

They will remain disabled until we can do a complete upgrade of Confluence to a patched version.

There will be a short Confluence, JIRA and Crowd outage on August 29th, while the backend database server undergoes a quick change.

We will also take this opportunity to boot these servers into the latest kernel. We expect service to be restored by 5:30pm.

The password for the service account used for confluence/crowd authentication with unix account/password will be changed on Tuesday, 12/13, and about 5:30pm.  There may be a period of a minute or two when new authentication with unix accounts fails.  Existing logins will not be effected.



This release addresses the following JIRAs:

T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due



Test Procedure

The updates are deployed to the dev web server at: Pages have been visited and no regressions found.

Rollback procedure

Revert back to previous tag i.e. 0.2.3


ETCCB-138 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Complete set of tags

portal-web 0.2.4