4/29/2019 10:27am - A temporary license has been received and the plugin show be functioning again. (*JS*)


This plugin is no longer free, and our attempt to get a a temporary license have not been successful.  We have no ETA when this might be fixed.

Apologies for this disruption.

Due to a security issue, the "Download All" attachments" link on the attachment management panel will no longer work.  Though it will still appear for pages which have more than one attachment, it will generate an error.

Individual attachments can still be downloaded.

Due to critical security issues, the WebDAV Plugin and the Widget Connector have been disabled. Apologies for any inconvenience if this affects functionality.

They will remain disabled until we can do a complete upgrade of Confluence to a patched version.

There will be a short Confluence, JIRA and Crowd outage on August 29th, while the backend database server undergoes a quick change.

We will also take this opportunity to boot these servers into the latest kernel. We expect service to be restored by 5:30pm.

The password for the service account used for confluence/crowd authentication with unix account/password will be changed on Tuesday, 12/13, and about 5:30pm.  There may be a period of a minute or two when new authentication with unix accounts fails.  Existing logins will not be effected.



This release addresses the following JIRAs:

JIRA Issues Macro: JIRA project does not exist or you do not have permission to view it.



Test Procedure

The updates are deployed to the dev web server at: Pages have been visited and no regressions found.

Rollback procedure

Revert back to previous tag i.e. 0.2.3



Complete set of tags

portal-web 0.2.4

Upcoming upgrade to JIRA

We're happy to announce that plans are in the works to upgrade to the latest release of JIRA. JIRA 7 introduces a number of new features to JIRA, which are detailed in Atlassian's Migration Hub

As the first step in the process I'd like to invite users of SLAC JIRA to test out the new version. We have an upgraded install of JIRA on our testing site located at Be aware that this testing system is restricted only users connected from within the SLAC network, so you won't be able to see it if you're not on-site or using a VPN connection.

Feel free to take a look around, try out your projects, and make sure everything looks good. Keep in mind that this system isn't regularly synced from the production service, so some newer changes may not reflected in the testing system. 

Send your feedback to We will make follow-up announcement in the coming weeks with details about our planned upgrade date. If you know of any upcoming events that may be impacted by a JIRA upgrade please let us know and we can work around those dates as much as possible. 

Lately we've been investigating some performance issues with the Confluence server. During this investigation it was discovered that the server has been experiencing unusually high load for a number of days. Here's a graph of system load for the month of March:



After some investigation it was determined that Confluence is experiencing symptoms of a known issue with a recently added File Conversion feature to the Confluence application. This File Conversion service is responsible for preparing attachments for display in the new new Confluence Previews feature. You may have seen the Previews window, which is displays files attached to Confluence pages in an in-browser Lightbox. 

The discovery of this bug also coincides with concerns raised by several users about the Previews feature. A recent poll shows that an overwhelming number of users dislike this feature and would prefer a return to the pre-upgrade attachment behavior. With all of these factors in mind we have decided to disable the Confluence Previews and File Conversion plugins in Confluence. The impact to users will be that when a link to an attachment is clicked in a Confluence page it will perform the default behavior for that file type for your browser, rather than opening in the Previews Lightbox. 

For more information on the bug that is impacting Confluence see the following Atlassian bug report: 

Further details is available in Atlassian's Confluence Documentation:

The change is planned for Monday at 5:30pm. A short outage will be required as part of that change to clear out the stuck File Conversion processes and reduce system load.l

If you have any questions or concerns please contact 

You may have noticed that Confluence now opens attachments in its own built-in preview tool. Some users have expressed a desire to disable this feature, but unfortunately Confluence does not yet offer any way for a user to selectively disable this feature.


If you'd like to open an attachment and avoid this previews feature there is a workaround. When you click the link to open the attachment hold down the ctrl key (or cmd if you're using a mac). Using this shortcut will open the attachment in another browser tab. This should then execute your browser's default action for that type of file, or prompt you to decide whether to save or open that file in a program.

Confluence Upgrade Testing

A new development instance of Confluence is available for testing. We would like for Confluence users to take a look at their pages there and let us know if there are any issues.

The Confluence Development site is only available from SLAC's network (on-site or via VPN). It can be accessed from the following URL:

Please send feedback to

As part of routine maintenance, the Confluence, JIRA and Crowd processes will be restarted on Wednesday, July 29th, between 5:30 and 6:00pm PDT.

We probably can not/will not change this globally, but you can change it yourself. First go to:

and turn off "Autowatch". Now you will no longer automatically be subscribed to pages you edit. Next go to:

and unsubscribe from all the pages you not longer (or never did) care about (by clicking on the little envelope on the right hand side). If (like me) you have 12 pages of page watches this can be a little time consuming, but there does not appear to be any "unwatch all" feature.

Note also that the Page Watches is buggy (or at least has poor usability features), when you click to go to page 2, it first removes all the items you have unwatched, so you then have to go back to page 1 and unwatch all the items which have now migrated there.


Confluence and JIRA are scheduled for a brief maintenance outage on Monday, March 9th between 5:30PM and 6:30PM PDT.

In order to apply security patches on the database and application servers, Confluence, JIRA and Crowd will be unavailable starting at 5:30pm PST today (1/29).

We expect to have service restored by 6:30pm.


There will be a short outage of Confluence on Tuesday, Jan 20th, starting at 5:30pm PST, for maintenance. Maintenance is required to apply security updates to the application.

Maintenance complete as of 5:35PM PST