Science Tools Working Group

The current release of the Science Tools remains v9r9. The first public distribution of the Science Tools will be released on Feb. 6 by the FSSC. I believe that these are based on v9r8p2 of the Science Tools; the public distribution is a subset of the packages of our builds. Again, the FSSC distributions will support a wider variety of platforms.

Data products: Still not much news about the reprocessing; Tom G. is implementing and testing a pipeline task for reprocessing (at the Merit level, I believe) for Pass 7.

Databases and related utilities

No news

Likelihood analysis

No news

GRB tools

No news

Pulsar tools

No news - Masa has been working on other FSSC-based tasks over the last week.

Observation simulation

No news

User interface and infrastructure (& utilities)

In the C&A meeting yesterday, Riccardo gave an update on Pass 6 v3 IRFs, which will include phi dependence of the effective area (at least).

Source Catalog

Bright Source List day and night.

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