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 - Originally from Peter Kim, now maintained by Andy Haas -

EXPERT only! ! ! Ask Andy Haas to install new releases for you!

0) HN/e-news announcement of new release pacman package

1) Before starting a new install, set up the environment variables:

RHEL5-32 bit:

Code Block
export PATH=/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/etc:/usr/afsws/bin:/usr/afsws/etc:/usr/bin/X11:.
. /afs/slac/g/atlas/packages/pacman/3.29/

2) Go to the target release partitions:

Code Block
cd /afs/slac/g/atlas/c (or d)

     Makes sure there is enough space with " fs lq * ".
     If more space is needed, send a request to

3) Installing base release: x.x.x
     Issue the pacman command found in the HN/e-news announcement:

Code Block
pacman -allow any-platform trust-all-caches tar-overwrite -get

4) Installing AtlasProduction cache: x.x.x.x
     After steps 1-3, setup the release:

Code Block
asetup 16.6.6

     Issue the pacman command found in the HN/e-news announcement, then setup the release for cmt:

Code Block
pacman -get

cd AtlasProduction/ ; cmt config ; cd -

5) Problems with release install
     Check the postings in
     as others might have similar problems.
     Ask Peter or Zach. If all fails, start a new thread in that forum.    

     pacman documentation :

     If you ran out of disk space during an install, manually download the last missing tarball with a command like:

Code Block

6) When there is an announcement of new AtlasLogin or AtlasSettings
     Go to the install area (/c/ in this example) and execute:

Code Block
pacman -update AtlasLogin
pacman -update AtlasSettings

     They are supposed to be backward compatible, unless stated otherwise.

7) Updating pacman:
    There are usually ATLAS announcements asking to install a new version.
    New version of pacman can be downloaded from BU:

Code Block
tar -xf pacman-latest.tar.gz

    Move the pacman package to /afs/slac/g/atlas/packages/pacman/, go into the new
    pacman directory and set up.

Code Block
cd x.xx

     (Please note that any installs in /c/ or /d/ must stay with the pacman version
     that was originally used. pacman does not get updated often, but when it does
     it might be a good time to build a new install with it switching between
     /c/ and /d/.)

8) Installing manually a DBrelease: check here for what's available

Code Block
pacman -allow trust-all-caches -get${DBRELEASE_VERSION

This page has more info

9) Removing a release: (NEVER just use "rm -rf ..." - you'll confuse pacman!)

Code Block
pacman -remove AtlasProduction_16_0_2_3_i686_slc5_gcc43_opt
pacman -remove AtlasProduction_16_0_2_i686_slc5_gcc43_opt