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Science Tools Working Group

The current release of the Science Tools remains v9r10. Nico Giglietto has reported a problem with installing rh9_gcc32 and rh9_gcc32opt builds of this release - under investigation; Navid reports that it is probably just a download error.

Data products: No new news about reprocessing. Jean has recommended that the data products include the version of the Science Tools that generated them; this may be a use for the CREATOR keyword that is part of the specification.

Databases and related utilities

No news

Likelihood analysis

No news.

GRB tools

No news

Pulsar tools

No news - Masa is working on improvements to the documentation for the pulsar tools.

Observation simulation

From Jim: "Since gtobssim doesn't make use of the magnetic coordinate-related quantities computed in the astro::EarthCoordinate class, I asked Leon to modify that class so that the IGRField::compute(...) function is not called unless those quantities are explicitly requested. As a result of these changes, gtobssim runs about a factor of 3 faster. (astro v3r7p1, ST HEAD1.717)"

User interface and infrastructure (& utilities)

No news

Source Catalog

Source variability was the topic last week. Toby also described an investigation of the shapes of source location regions. Gino presented a first look at the 6-month sources.