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  • The production database can be accessed here 
  • You will have to create an account the first time that you login and specify 2 access codes. (I used my CERN account).  
  • Once your account is setup, you can login with your CERN/Google/Microsoft/Facebook by clicking the respective logo OR with the 2 access codes. Note that your permissions will be higher if you login with the access codes i.e. you may not be able to create new components types if you login without the access codes but if you only want to see what's in the database this login may be enough.

The database menu

  • My Institute Component List

    • The components with current location = SLAC are shown in this list.
    • You can register a new component by clicking the bottom on the right side of the window. 


    • If you want to know more about the component you received, you can click on it's its name "Module - DIGITAL_QUAD_MODULE" and you will be able to see the location history of this component, its child and parent components and which tests have been performed on it (if these have been added to the database).