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Applying the algorithm to BCU, we selected 52 sources as the most promising HSP candidates.

In order to obtain a narrow and cleaner selection of VHE candidates for direct IACTs observation we refined the HSP selection through additional parameter parameters that reproduce some peculiar characteristics of VHE sources as gamma-ray spectral candidates:  spectral photon index < 1.6 and average significance over the 100 MeV to 300GeV 300 GeV energy band larger than 4.0.


Paper is in progress and here we enclose a draft.  This is likely to be only a conference  proceeding. 

In Paper/ Tab.1 we report the full list of HSP candidates.


Table 2 data have been cross matched with 2WHSP and 2FHL catalogs.  2FHL results confirm some, but not all, of these VHE candidates. 6 of 16 listed sources in Tab.2 are in 2FHL too.

In Table 2 we marked these sources 2 as VHT. However we consider the remaining sources as interesting candidates that deserve particular attention in future IACT 's observing campaigns.


Please contact the authors before any use of these data