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Note: there are extracted by Andy and Marcel on a commented Draft by Paul

Table of Contents


1) pp22-23 there is a discrepancy of 50-100 vs. 80-100 in duty factor

2) Table 2.2.1 Paul would like to see lengths for the barrel layers
and suggests a plot of Si layers hit vs. theta

3) Paul suggests combining Figs 2.1.1 and 2.2.1

4) 2.3.3 last paragraph - we need to clarify nomenclature "barrel", "F-B",
"large z",...

5) Section 2.4.3 - can we give delta(T) over the cycle of beam on/off?


1) Does Fig 3.3.1 add anything beyond Fig 3.2.1 ?

2) 3.3.1 first paragraph - is it necessary to expose this dirty laundry?

3) 3.4 What is "pile-up" in the context of single bunch time stamping?
(g-g overlay + mu + n ?) "pile-up" will confuse PP people!

4) Fig 3.4.1 right - odd behavior at 40 deg - origin?

5) 3.4.1 What is the impact from inefficiency of high Pt, low theta
tracks on PFA?

6) 3.4.2 also here - what is effect on PFA?