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Table of Contents

Style Guide

Which Styles, grammar, spelling to use

We follow the prescriptions from the Machine TDR: TDR Forge
and the style guide. Some excerpts


ILC uses international English spelling. Here we provide a few examples for guidance:


-il: full (not fulll)
-re: centre (not center)
-our: colour (not color)
-gue: catalogue (not catalog, but analog is used in electronics)
-mme: programme (not program, unless referring to a computer program)
-ell-: labelled (not labeled)
-ce/-se: licence (noun), license (verb), practice (noun), practise (verb)
-ise: organisation, authorise.


Hyphens are used to avoid ambiguity, for instance in attributive compound adjectives
(compare `a little used car' and `a little-used car'), to distinguish between words such
as `reform' (change for the better) and `re-form' (form again), and to separate double
letters to aid comprehension and pronunciation (e.g., co-operate).

Hyphens are also used if a prefix or suffix is added to a proper noun, symbol, or
numeral, and in fractions: e.g., non-Fermi, 12-fold, three-quarters.

En dash

En dashes are used to mean `and' (e.g., space-time, Sourian-Lagrange) or `to' (e.g.,
2011-2012, input-output ratio).

Quotation marks

Double for true quotations, single for anything else.


Do not use in plural acronyms (e.g., JFETs), decades (1990s). Do use in plural
Greek letters and symbols (e.g., 's).

Colon, semi-colon, exclamation mark, question mark

Please note that in English these punctuation marks do not require a space before


What is the naming convention for LaTeX \labels

Every label has to start with sid: to avoid clashes with the ILD part

Naming  convention

Code Block

for labels that are referred by to other sections/chapters

Code Block

for labels on figures/tables.

What is the format for graphics and pictures

PNG/JPG for pictures, PDF for drawings, plots

ROOT can also easily generate PDF, many eps can be converted straightforward to eps.

Can I use Word ?

No, document needs to be delivered in LaTeX, if you write in Word,  we have to manually convert into LaTeX, this is once only thing. All comments you'll get need to be done in LaTeX anyway

Problems with expl package being too old

Code Block
 ! Package siunitx Error: Support package expl3 too old.

The package expl3 is superseded by l3kernel.
The solution is to remove the expl3 package and install l3kernel instead.
This has occured only on Mac so far

Which version is used for the nightly builds ?

The version installed on CERN AFS, which should work on any SL5 Linux box, but is much more recent than the default installation

Code Block

Why can't I use the SL5 default installation

Short answer, because the ILCTDR style file is not compatible which a LaTeX installation from 2007

I want to update my Latex Installation

Go to TexLive Homepage  for the latest packages, for Mac check out MacTex

How to create BiBTeX entries

For most papers, that are available on INSPIRE, Inspire can actually generate the BibTex entry for you

Just click on BiBTeX and you 'll get 

Code Block
      author         = "White, Andy",
      title          = "{Progress towards the Detailed Baseline Design for the
                        SiD Detector Concept}",
      year           = "2012",
      eprint         = "1202.6625",
      archivePrefix  = "arXiv",
      primaryClass   = "physics.ins-det",
      SLACcitation   = "%%CITATION = ARXIV:1202.6625;%%",

which you can then send to the main editors so it will be included in the BiBTex database and you can reference it in your chapter using

Code Block


Problems with your svn account

The CERN account doesn't let you connect to the svn, but to everything else (email, web). Please check if your account has access to the AFS/Linux resource  (subscribe to Linux/AFS) in CERN terms.

just check

If it is not, that is the reason for your problems, so please subscribe. 

Authentication with ssh key

Works well under Linux, please read the CERN SVN FAQ

Adding a figure to SVN ...

If you are adding something new to the document (photo, figure, etc) you have to to svn add before doing a commit, so SVN knows, that this file is now under version management