This second workshop initiated by HFAG follows a series of similar workshops that have been organized by the B Factories over the past decade. These informal meetings are designed as a venue for the exchange of ideas between the theorists and experimentalists working on semileptonic B decays and related topics.

Workshop Location

The workshop will be held in Kavli Auditorium on Thursday and Friday, and in the ROB building 48 on Saturday.


The workshop will focus on inclusive and exclusive semileptonic decays and related theoretical computations, paying particular attention to the interpretation of the current data and improved strategies to analyze data from the B-Factories and CLEO. Complementary information on purely leptonic and radiative B decays will be included. The Vxb Workshop will not be another heavy flavor conference, but a forum for lively exchange of ideas through extensive informal discussions.
The Workshop webpage can be found via Google as "Vxb2009".

Scientific Program

The preliminary program is now available and will be updated. The Workshop will begin with registration, starting Thursday, October 29th, at 13:00, and end with a concluding discussion on Saturday, October 30th at 17:30. We foresee plenary sessions only, and as in the past, most of talks should be very short, focusing on the essentials, stressing uncertainties and problems, and also give a projection for future improvements. The brief introductory session will be followed by four sessions on inclusive and exclusive B to Xc l nu and B to Xu l nu decays and the workshop will conclude with discussion and conclusions of what we learned and how we might proceed to improve our measurements and detailed understanding.


Registration is via the Vxb website. The registration fee of $40 will be collected upon arrival in form of cash or a check drawn from a US bank. Credit cards or foreign checks cannot be accepted.

Social Event

We have arranged for a no-host dinner at Hunan Gardens, a favorite Chinese restaurant in Palo Alto (,%20Palo%20Alto,%20CA&geocode=CdNiutpLxSc3FYH8OgId6Fm4-A), on Friday evening, beginning at 19:00. Please indicate on the registration page, if you wish to attend the dinner and whether you will be accompanied by a second person. The charge for the dinner, including beer and soft drinks, will be $35 per person. The fees will be collected upon arrival on Thursday in form of cash or a check drawn from a US bank. Credit cards or foreign checks cannot be accepted.


Information on accommodation near Stanford is available on the web, . At this time, there are no more rooms available at the Stanford Guest on the SLAC site.

Local Transportation

Information on local transportation, primarily from the airports to SLAC or a hotel can be found at . If you decide not the rent a car, best choice is the South and East Bay Shuttle, Tel. (1) 800-548-4664 or or the Super Shuttle, Tel. (1) 800-258-3826 or You can make reservations in advance or pick up the shuttle at the center isle at the departure level at SFO airport or at the curb at SJ airport. The typical cost per person is $30 plus 10-15% tip! If you choose Caltrain, please get off at Palo Alto, not Menlo Park, since there are no taxis available at the Menlo Park Station. Remember that, except for the Stanford Van Service, there is no public transportation to and from SLAC.

U.S. Visa

Non-Citizens should consult the web for visa requirements. Most of the Western European countries participate in the visa waiver program. For information on this and other visa issues please consult the web:

Talk upload (information for the speakers)

The workshop agenda is in indico format and requires an account to upload the talks. For a few of the speakers already registered on indico, the permission rights should already be in place, for the others you will be prompted to create an indico account. For any problem in uploading your talks, please contact David Lopes Pegna (


Please address any questions or suggestions via e-mail to:

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