Start by creating a local directory for the schemas.

mkdir /scratch/slicSchemas

Next set the GDML_SCHEMA_DIR environment variable to point to the directory. The script itself sets GDML_SCHEMA_DIR, so this command must be run after (or replace the corresponding line in

export GDML_SCHEMA_DIR=/scratch/slicSchemas

SLIC also searches automatically in the current directory for schemas. 

The entity resolver in GDML should find the schemas if the structure has been flattened (all .xsd files in the local directory). 

It should also be able to find the schemas when the path component of the URL is preserved, i.e. ./schemas/lcdd/1.0/lcdd.xsd.

Copying LCDD schemas from ilcinstall build

The GDML & LCDD schemas are already present in the ilcinstall installation, so they can be directly copied into your local directory.

cd /scratch/slicSchemas
cp $G4INSTALL/source/persistency/gdml/schema/*.xsd .
cd $LCDD/schemas/lcdd/1.0/*.xsd .

The above instructions assume that SLIC has already been successfully installed with ilcinstall.

Getting the LCDD schemas from SVN

To copy the schemas into a local directory without using any ilcinstall installation, execute the following commands.

cd /scratch
svn co svn:// lcdd
cp lcdd/schemas/*/*/*.xsd slicSchemas

If you want to keep the schema directory structure, use this command instead.

cd lcdd
cp -R schemas /scratch/slicSchemas

The LCDD schemas can also be found online at

Downloading the GDML schemas

Go into the local schema directory.

cd /scratch/slicSchemas

Now create a file schemaFiles.txt with the following contents in it.  (Just copy and paste into the file in your editor and then save it.)


Then execute the following command to pull the schemas from the standard URL location.

wget -i schemaFiles.txt -B ''

Now you should see all of the GDML XSD files in the local directory.

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