The sample scripts and grid environment are located on You must have a working Fermilab Kerberos account to access any of these resources. Using ssh to login directly will not work unless you start a Kerberos session.

kinit me@FNAL.GOV

Grid Environment

Execute these command in your shell to setup the grid environment.

source /fnal/ups/grid/
voms-proxy-init -hours 96 -voms ilc:/ilc/sid

You need to have a valid grid certificate installed and correctly registered with ilc/sid group (not covered here).


The sample SLIC scripts are located at ~/jmccorm/grid/slic/exampleRunDir.

sid_job_submission.csh is the top-level script used to submit jobs to the fermigrid.

It takes the following arguments, in order, all of which are mandatory.

  1. list of stdhep files in text file format
  2. number of jobs to run (usually 1)
  3. events to run (usually number of events in stdhep file)
  4. detector lcdd file (copied from LCDetectors)
  5. output directory (relative output path in zip bundle)
  6. physics list (default of QGSP_BERT recommended)
  7. copy back directory (usually current working dir)

Below is an example of using this script.

./sid_job_submission.csh myEventFiles.txt 1 1000 ./detectors/sidloi3.lcdd output/ QGSP_BERT `pwd`

The script depends on two other scripts being present in the working directory. The sid_slic_grid.csh scruot creates the Condor JDF file, and sid_run_slic_grid.csh runs slic in the grid environment.

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