Step 1 Create password for hash for user

~tonyj/bin/cvspasswd password

use some suitable password instead of password. Copy the resulting hash to the clipboard.

Create entry in password file

Edit /nfs/slac/g/lcd/cvs/lcdroot/CVSROOT/passwd. Add a line of the form:


First token is the new username, second is the has copied from above, third is always tonyj

Give write permission

Edit /nfs/slac/g/lcd/cvs/lcdroot/CVSROOT/passwd. Add the new userid to the end of the file.

Add the user's e-mail addresss

Check out a copy of the CVSROOT module in a temporary location

cd /tmp
cvs -d /nfs/slac/g/lcd/cvs/lcdroot co CVSROOT

Edit the file CVSROOT/users and add a line of the form


Commit this back into CVS

cvs commit -m "Add user" CVSROOT/users

Tell the user his account and password

Your CVS account is now ready. username is user, password is password.

You will need to check the code out again before you can commit changes, using

co -d login
<give password>
cvs -d co lcsim
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