• Validate Detached Vertex Fixes Mathew Graham Miriam Diamond
  • Make sure events will  reconstructed only, if SVT FLAGS are good Unknown User (spaul)
  • Finalize target z position Norman Graf
  • Reassess ECAL alignment with latest SVT alignment? Nathan Baltzell
  • Update 2015 steering files for separate ECAL time calibration Unknown User (hszumila)
  • Review and approve EngineeringRun2015FullRecon.lcsim steering file Norman Graf
    • But needs Holly's fix for ecal time corrections
    • Propose setting Have set _patchVertexTrackParameters to false in HpsReconParticleDriver
    • Propose exposing Have set the beam spot and target position and beam spot resolution in the steering file (different for 2015 and 2016)
    • Propose limiting Have limited ReconstructedParticles to using GBL tracks (removed MatchedTracks from list of Track Collections to process)

             <driver name="ReconParticleDriver" type="org.hps.recon.particle.HpsReconParticleDriver" >



                <beamPositionX> 0.0 </beamPositionX>

                <beamSigmaX> 0.125 </beamSigmaX>

                <beamPositionY> 0.0 </beamPositionY>

                <beamSigmaY> 0.030 </beamSigmaY>

                <beamPositionZ> 0.5 </beamPositionZ>


    V0 Skim Driver updates rewrite Norman Graf
    • Added new class with explicit, limited set of loose cuts. V0CandidateFilter2015Pass7.java
  • Check the Matrix singular exception - should only stop track reconstruction, not abort rest of file. Norman Graf
    • Being addressed via git issue 243
    • Resolved with pull request 244.
  • dPhi large exception - check and fix. Mathew Graham
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