Officially started on Dec 22, 2015.

HPS-JAVA Snapshot:  3.5-20151218.205540-15

DST-maker Release:  0.10

Run Spreadsheet:   Google Docs

Detector:  HPS-EngRun2015-Nominal-v3-4-fieldmap

Batch Farm Scripts:

  • /u/group/hps/production/data/EngRun2015/pass4
  • github


Note:  DSTs had some bugs in pass4.  Correct pass4 DSTs were regenerated here:  /mss/hallb/hps/engrun2015/pass4dst 
  • Disk:  /work/hallb/hps/data/engrun2015/pass4

    • All DQ(M) and logs

    • Unskimmed Recon:

      • LCIO:  Canonical and Calibration runs only
      • DST:  All
    • Skimmed Recon:

      • LCIO:  moller, pulser, v0
      • DST:  All (fee, moller, pulser, v0, s0, p0)
  • Tape:  /mss/hallb/hps/engrun2015/pass4
    • Everything
  • Skims:  FEE, Moller, Pulser, V0, S0, P0

Changes Relative to Pass-3:

  • Fixed track state at ECal with full 3-D field extrapolator
  • Improved ECal energy and position corrections
  • Corrected SVT 1.5 mm alignment
  • New track/cluster matching with quality factor now in ReconParticles
  • GBL running only in hps-java, not in dst-maker
  • New collection to store RF time extracted from waveform
  • ...

Steering Files:


Output Directory Structure:


3.5K EVIO files processed in about 5 days on the batch farm (in competition with upass4) with a "failure" rate of only 1% (almost entirely due to timeouts, limit was set at 30 hours).  Failures resubmitted on 1/1/2016 with a much larger time limit (7 of 30 jobs timed out again, appears to be stuck in some Minuit stuff in dqm).

30% of the EVIO files resulted in empty (filesize=0) v0 and moller skims (here's a list of their run/file numbers). 80% of those empties were from 1.5 mm, which is about 50% of 1.5 mm.  Note that files of zero size cannot be written to tape, so you will not see them in /mss, and that no jobs resulted in empty pulser skims.

Here's a histogram of wall time per EVIO file (the 800 empty 1.5 mm v0/moller skims surely correspond to the peak at 9.5 hours, although I did not confirm that), where the bump at 30 hours is timeout failures:

Disk Usage:


2.5 TB:

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