This is how far I've gotten alone. Currently L1Proc is unable to finish a stream. L1Proc was setup and ran with instructions from here

After Renata updated the slactest cluster to have a glatadataq (although it's not preemptive) for L1Proc testing, we are currently stuck on
this execution of findChunks. The batch job is unable to acquire an Oracle connection. I think it may be due to the pre-execution command, or possibly the test cluster set up, but I don't know.


  • Attempt to run other streams of L1Proc on TEST pipeline
  • Run other tasks on TEST pipeline
  • Run test tasks testing pre-execute commands on TEST pipeline server

Reminder: Any use of the datacatalog on the TEST pipeline will need to use datacatalogPROD if you want to read from the production datacatalog.

System Setup

We are running job control client on kele0001. All bsub/bjobs/bkill/b* or LSF related commands must be ran from there in order to get the correct information.
The Pipeline TEST environment is currently using kele0001 for the job control daemon. It's only using it for tasks executed with the SLAC and SLACDATA jobsites (glast and glastraw, no glastmc) user accounts. So tasks with tasktypes TEST/test/SKIM and DATA/Data will work appropriately.

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