The data handling meeting (2007-10-26) was preempted by a Q&A session with Dirk Duellmann (CERN) to investigate an Oracle RAC (Real Application Cluster) for GLAST.

The discussion is summarized here:  RAC Q&A Session with Dirk Duellmann (CERN)

 Pipeline II is nearly ready for a new release.  The main development focus is a rewrite of process and stream rollback to make them bulletproof.  Below is a list of the jira issues currently scheduled for the release.  A handful of these may not make it in.


  • [PII-124] - Process rollback is broken
  • [PII-187] - Can launch a nonexistant subtask from a batch job. Process that launched subtask gets stuck in running state.
  • [PII-188] - Check that processes dependent on substreams are run if no substreams are created
  • [PII-234] - StreamStatus not properly assigned if last process to execute is left in Terminated or Canceled state.
  • [PII-251] - Dependent task executed before all dependencies satisfied
  • [PII-262] - Read only connections are actually write-enabled and autocommit is set true
  • [PII-266] - Losing DB connections in the server process


  • [PII-263] - Add a finalize task method that is called after task creation

New Feature

  • [PII-265] - Add "hidden" field to Process Completion Condition table


  • [PII-264] - Make 0.7.6 release
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