Owing to budgetary issues and the vagaries of delivery schedules, we have decided to clear off as much of our existing disk space as we can, up to ~100 TB.

 Some 40 TB is taken up by I&T and related datasets. Due to the interaction with the eLog database, we will address this space last. We'll target MC tasks first. We don't have the manpower or time to copy all deleted data to tape. Once something is gone, it is gone! Note that we will need to be reasonably aggressive on deleting old tasks since it is the more recent ones that take up the bulk of the space.

 We will try to lump datasets into three categories: nuke in toto; keep merit tuples; keep fully. For the "keeps" we would move the datasets into xrootd. "Keep fully" is for recent datasets still in active use; "keep merit" is for key datasets we may wish to refer to later.

  The opening algorithm for MC is to keep the most recent of the standard tasks: allGamma, allMuon, sampled day, backgrounds. We can add a proviso that tasks created this February will be kept. We should also keep key datasets, eg those used to make the Pass4 analysis & irfs.


allGamma: allGamma-GR-v13r9p3-Lyon, allGamma18GeV-GR-v13r9p3-Lyon (merit only?)

 allMuon: allMuon-GR-v13r9 (merit only?)

 sampled Day: backgnd-GR-v13r9-Day

 backgrounds: backgnd-GR-v13r9

Major DataSets

 OpsSim2/Big Run backgrounds: opssim2-GR-v13r9p3

 GRB grid: GRBgrid-GR-v13r9p4-Lyon 

Mouldy Oldies


allGamma-GR-v11r14-r-P5 (merit only)
allGamma-GR-v11r14 (merit only)


allGamma-GR-v9r17 (merit only)
allGamma-GR-v9r17-LowE (merit only)

allGammaLowE-GR-v7r3p20 (merit only)
allGamma-GR-v7r3p1 (merit only)


backgndSC-GR-v11r2 (merit only)

backgnd-GR-v9r9 (reCT merit only)
backgnd-GR-v9r9_2 (reCT merit only)
DC2 background runs (backgndDC2-GR-v7r3p5, but two more tasks)

Interleave runs

Interleave55d-GR-v11r12 (merit only)
Interleave55d-GR-v11r12-r-P5 (merit only)

Sampled BKG day
Keep all merit

skyPointed-GR-v11r17 (merit only)
Interleave3h-GR-v11r17 (merit only)


 Keep all



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