Brian Scott, Jean-Raymond Pierre, Richard ?, Rodney Wong, Tony Johnson, Richard Dubois, Navid Golpayegani, Heather Kelly, Toby Burnett (latter 3 by vrvs)


 We ran through the wish list and web/scientific computing slides. So now Brian et al know what we have in mind.


  1. we should look at writing the windows builds locally to avoid network latencies; then copy to the V drive
  2. there was some discussion about whether we should abandon Citrix for a separate set of boxes accessed by remote login. It is blocked at the firewall, so would be inconvenient for many users who might not be used to vpn - especially linux users. It was suggested we take another look at Citrix from linux to see if the access has improved since Jim gave up on it last summer.


Brian noted that the windows group is not funded to support scientific computing nor GLAST. Here is a notice he sent to his fellow SCS folks on the matter.


 Brian will go off and study our wishlists and try to come up with more specific suggestions to address our problems, but also estimate what it would take to support our Dream. We need to set up a next time to meet to hear what they came up with.