semi-Organized Topic List

  • Issues pertaining to Processing and Reprocessing
    • Reprocessing Requirements - Tom and friends
    • Upgrade LDF external
      • Needs testing and chat with Ric C.
  • FRED and Wired
    • Improvements for FRED and upgrade of Fox?  Plans to migrate to C++?
    • HepRepSvc issues accessing large event numbers
    • Issues with Corba and large events - Joe Perl, Heather, Leon, Tracy(question)
    • Running wired directly from Gleam - Tony, Heather
    • Continuing Wired Saga - problems setting run/event ids for recon files
  • ROOT
    • Problems with merging chunks
      • Replace hadd and use TFileMerger or something else?
    • When to move to ROOT v5.20?
    • Continuing IObfStatus problem (see JIRA )
    • Problem with Data Skimmer - seems to produce skimmed files with corrupt run/event ids
    • Upgrading Event Ids to ULong64 on TDS and in ROOT
    • calibTkrUtil chat concerning how to get rootcint use to work on Windows or whether it's necessary at all
  • Gleam
    • Introducing calibrations for Star Tracker - Toby, Joanne
    • Filling FSW OBF variables from OnboardFilter for MC
  • Infrastructure
    • python distribution problems
    • Making sense of JO files for MC (we are happy with the pipeline JOs?)
    • Issues with the current RM
    • SCons
      • What remains for ST
      • Getting going with GR - Navid
    • New Tag Collector and Tagging Convention
    • MRStudio plan
  • Compilers and Operating System Support
    • Mac - need to get LSF going on the two Mac boxes
    • gcc4 - plans for RHEL5 machines at SLAC?
    • Getting SLAC GLAST Citrix going
      • Talk to Rodney and determine how to provide access to other users
    • When to upgrade Gaudi (may impact our ability to upgrade compilers)
    • VC9?
  • Workbook
    • Some areas in need of updating: FRED, ROOT doc

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  1. Unknown User (elwinter)

    Heather - we just wrapped up the Science Tools beta test at the GSSC, and the uniform complaint we heard from every site is that we don't support gcc 4. Nearly every site we worked with is using gcc 4.x now. I've discussed this with Jim Chiang, and for the moment, the only solution is to downgrade to gcc 3.x. I'd like to discuss the amount of effort that would be required to upgrade everything (or at least the GSSC subset of the Science Tools) to gcc 4.x. I know that will cause some trouble on the part of developers, so I don't want to dive into this without extensive discussion.



    1. Hi Eric,
      Can you provide a list of what is in the GSSC subset of the ScienceTools?  This will give us an idea of what external libraries are involved at least.  From there, we're going to have to get a sense for how much work is involved to get this going with gcc 4.0.  It's a matter of manpower and the added constraints of LE&O - should be a fun discussion!  But clearly, this is something we have to do anyway, just a matter of when.  I would imagine this will happen for ST sooner than it does for GR.
      ROOT v5.20/00 was released today, and I noticed that there are no binary distributions on Linux using gcc 4.0 - I've sent a note inquiring about that..  but I also see, that VC++ 9.0 binaries are distributed.
      Take  care,