Core Minutes 8/11/2009

Random News

Joanne out this week and next.
Richard is out this week but will be checking email.
Tony to be out sometime this month.

Science Tools

Jim went over the SciTools update available on the agenda page.
ScienceTools  v9r15p3gl2  has gone back to ROOT 5.18 in the hopes of eliminating discrepancies in reprocessed CAL energies.
The FSSC is working to prepare for the public release.

GR status

GR v17r33p1 tag is for Pass 7.1.

Documentation Update

  Chuck will post PyLiklihood to workbook this week after sending it along to SMEs.
  Richard decided to cancel Aug newsletter.

Systests Update

Liz had reported last week about troubles with systest results between v17r33p0 and p1.  The overlay files have been moved which may have caused the trouble and Liz will talk to Leon offline about it.

Heather asked Liz if she could rerun the RHEL3 versus RHEL4 comparison for systests using GR v17r31.

SCons Update

Windows testing available for VC90 and has been set up on UW TS. 
Unfortunately, Toby is now rather busy, but hopes to take a look at it soon.


Welcome Kim Lo (SLAC) who is working on building externals for us across all platforms.  His first task has been to build ape 2.5.3.


   Navid reports there were some issues in the last week.  Adding new features for tag collector, caused RM troubles, thinks it's now
   Tom discovered a bug in ST v9r15p4 which has now been resubmitted.

Tag collector may be complete in another week or so.  The ability to promote packages to HEAD has been added.  Navid has yet to handle the interface to promote from HEAD to release.  What remains are user interface issues rather than technical issues.

Problem with CMT build of skymaps

Toby reported a problem with the LATEST CMT build of skymaps.  In the chat window Navid reported:
[08:52:21] Navid Golpayegani the bug I think is with the old style tagger
[08:52:44] Navid Golpayegani there's a skymaps-01-23-06 tag on but there's no equivalent v1r23p6 tag
[08:53:00] Navid Golpayegani I'll take a look at the tagger and see why it didn't apply it

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