With regard to specific Windows support items, I still do not have a Windows development environment here at slac that I can use.  I was
 never able to log in to the GLAST Desktop via the Citrix browser portal from linux, and now that desktop is not accepting SSL
 connections.  When I did connect using the more invasive wfcmgr program which takes over my entire screen (thereby preventing me from
 doing any other work including answering email, icq, etc.), the development tools were not available.  In short, Windows support from
 Citrix has *never* been a viable option despite supposedly having had this system in place for well over a year (or is it two?).

With a PS:

When I first reported these problems, the answer I got back was: "No, you're wrong, Glast Citrix does work."  And they closed the issue.

When I complained again and someone came by and I showed them precisely what was wrong, the answer I got was: "Oh, just use wfcmgr and turn off all security features.  That'll get past the problem of not having a valid certificate for GLAST Citrix."

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