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Navigating the site

For questions or problems concerning the SiD web site please contact Tony Johnson

Updating the site

This web site is based on the Confluence Wiki with the intention of making it easy for SiD members to take ownership of sections of the web site and update it themselves.

To update the web site you first need a confluence account. If you need an account sign up here, specifying SiD as your group (if you already have a confluence account but need access to the SiD site please contact Once you have an account you can login using the "Log In" button in the top right of the page. You will then see buttons at the bottom of the navigation menu labeled

  • Page Operations
  • Browse Space
  • Add Content

which can be used to add new content or add existing content. The left hand menu is controlled by the Navigation Page. For more information on how to update or edit pages see the notation guide or the full confluence documentation.

To add new items:

  • Select Add Content
  • Select Add News
  • Add a title and text to the page
  • Add a label
    The labels edit link is at the bottom of the page. Click the edit link next to "Labels:" and add the appropriate label for your new item.
    You can add more than one label. Click "Done" when all labels have been added.
  • If you do not add a label, your news item will not appear in a news box.
  • Save the page

Web design notes

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