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Other documents

DateAuthorsDoc TypeTitleFile
2020-02-14Lucas Braun, Jason T. Barkeloo, James E. Brau, Christopher T. PotterPaperEnergy Correction in Reduced SiD Electromagnetic CalorimeterarXiv
2020-02-13C.T. PotterProceedingpySiDR: Python Event Reconstruction for SiDarXiv
2020-02-10L. Braun, D. Austin, J. Barkeloo, J. Brau, C.T. PotterPaperCorrecting for Leakage Energy in the SiD Silicon-Tungsten ECalarXiv
2020-02-04C.T. PotterPaperPrimer on ILC Physics and SiD Software ToolsarXiv
2018-03-09A. Steinhebel, J. BrauNoteSummary of Studies of SiD ECal Manual CalibrationZenodo
2018-03-09A. Steinhebel, J. BrauNoteSiD ECal GeometryZenodo
2018-03-05A. Steinhebel, J. BrauNoteBackscatter and Electromagnetic Shower Spreading in the SiD ECalZenodo
2018-03-05A. Steinhebel, J. BrauNoteSummary of Studies of the Response of a Prototype SiD ECalZenodo
2017-03-24A. Steinhebel, J. BrauProceedingStudies of the Response of the SiD Silicon-Tungsten ECalarXiv


SiD VariousPaperSiD Tracker R&D Report submitted to the World-Wide Study Detector R&D Panel


2006-12-01M BreidenbachNoteThe SiD Detector Concept’s Position on Push-Pull word
2006-05-19SiD (various)PaperSiD Detector Outline Documentpdf
2006-01-19SiD (various)PaperA Description of SiD Written for the Snowmass 2005 Study


2004-08-23M Breidenbach, H Weerts, J Brau, J JarosNoteCritical Questions for SiD (2 pages)



2003J Brau, M Breidenbach, Y FujiiPaperThe Silicon Detector (SiD)

and Linear Collider Detector R&D in Asia and North America

for the Extended DESY/ECFA Workshop, Amsterdam, 2003



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