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There are two Ubuntu 16.04 Desktop test boxes being used by SUIT:

  1. Jacob Demo
    HWADDR: 78:2b:cb:b3:c2:a2

  2. Franklin Pham
    HWADDR d4:be:d9:2f: 0e:2a
  • Both the above desktops have been installed with Ubuntu 16.04 and have been Cheffed using:
             curl | sudo /bin/sh
  • After Karl has added AD authentication to Chef, these hosts can be reinstalled and Chef can be bootstrapped again for testing.

    Before reinstalling, the desktops should be unregistered with the chef server using:
             curl | sudo /bin/sh



There are two CentOS 7 desktop test boxes used by SUIT:


  ... This info needs to be added....






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