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Red Hat's RHEL7 High Touch Beta Program ended last month.  The Release Candidate for RHEL 7
is expected very soon.  After that, GA (official release) is expected (no official dates, but
we guess before the end of May 2014).

SCS will offer an interactive login pool '' sometime after the official release.
However it should be considered for testing only until we have completed our internal testing,
and also all the required configuration management changes to allow RHEL 7 to work properly
in the SLAC environment.


openafs 1.6.6pre2 successfully compiles on RHEL7 Beta.

(openafs does not compile on RHEL7 Beta).


SCS will participate in the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 High Touch Beta Program.

This will allow SLAC to have early access to RHEL7 Beta, work directly with RHEL7 engineers
and program managers, and influence the direction of RHEL7.

The SLAC Community can help test RHEL7 by connecting to rhel7-beta01.  Email unix-admin with any questions.


  1. All things RHEL 7 Beta, and an FAQ around its release

  2. Introducing Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Beta



RHEL 7.0 Beta expected December 2013.  Stay tuned for more details. 

If you are interested in participating in our testing program for RHEL 7.0 Beta, please email

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