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We have a a couple of RHEL 7 hosts available to LSF for testing.  To submit a job,

bsub -q rhel7 <Job>

Please note that RHEL 7 is still being developed and is not yet a production environment at SLAC, so you will find that there may be some missing pieces that you have come to expect when submitting jobs to say rhel6.  At the moment bsub is not familiar with the AFS token environment in rhel7 and so cannot write output into AFS.  You can specify a file in NFS for output, or let the job send mail (however, please do not submit 1000s of jobs expecting them to send mail since that will cause problems for the mail server).  The /usr/local/bin links are not there, and you may come across other differences, some according to plan, others because it is still a work in progress.

Please send any questions or comments to

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