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We plan to start a series of meetings to cover technical topics related to the work being done in the SCA Applications group, and the LCLS data handling group. The initial goal will be to have a series of meetings where we will describe and discuss some of the work we are currently doing, or plans for things that we would like to do in the future. We hope that these meetings will stimulate discussion and make us all aware of what others are doing in the department. We will initially keep the attendance to the members of the groups mentioned above but may invite others interested in specific topics on a case-by-case basis.

We would like to schedule the first meeting sometime mid-May. We have created a doodle poll to select times. We will discuss scheduling future meetings during the first meeting. We may make the meetings remotely accessible if there is sufficient demand.

Potential Discussion topics (please add more)

  • Discussion of web services authentication/authorization (Brian)
  • Continuous integration and other developer tools (Max? + ?)
  • Mailing lists - when users become inactive, restricted vs unrestricted lists, what to ask for when requesting a new list. Password change for lsst*user accts.

May 22nd 2pm - Inaugural meeting!

Ballam room – bldg 84.

Call in details: 

  1. Dial Toll-Free Number: 866-740-1260 (U.S. & Canada)

  2. International participants dial: Toll Number: 303-248-0285

    Or International Toll-Free Number:

  3. Enter your 7-digit access code: 9542853 followed by “#”

  4. We will share slides via the ready-talk web application, To join the video conference:


    1. Go to, type "access code" into the "participant, join conference box"
    2. Click the big green "Join" button. Fill in the registration data.


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