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Michael Kelsey is currently splitting his time between two projects: collaborating with the SuperCDMS group to develop and deploy a software framework for the CDMS simulation; and improving the hadronic interaction code with the GEANT4 Collaboration.  Before that, he was a member of the BaBar Collaboration, studying rare charmless B meson decays, and managing the experiment's drift chamber detector system.

Born in San Francisco, Michael got his B.S. in physics at UCLA and Ph.D. at Caltech.  He spent a post-doc at the University of British Columbia, where he participated in building the BaBar drift chamber, focusing on the robotic wire stringing system and QA/QC procedures.  For three years, Michael was a research staff member of the Princeton Physics department based at SLAC, before being hired into SLAC Group C in 2000.

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