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Brian started working for SLAC in the Data Handling Group on October 2010. 

He graduated in 2009 with a BS in Applied Physics from the University of Utah, which has a way better football team than Stanford. While an undergrad (and a little bit after), he worked at the Telescope Array project, a joint collaboration mainly between the University of Utah and the University of Tokyo's Institute for Cosmic Ray Research, designed to be merging of HiRes and AGASA.

While there, he worked on a variety of projects, from cluster computing setups, to deployable muon detector designs, and more recently on bi-static radar techniques of observing cosmic rays. While there, he also spent much of his time learning about the quirks and poor memory management of ROOT.

In addition, he also enjoys cracking a joke, playing guitar, music, and building musical electronics, in addition to any other hobby that might have to do with physics in one way or another, which is really a lot of things if you think about it.

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