The software week goal is to facilitate communication and collaboration between everyone as we move forward extended support for Fermi. FSSC members will be available at SLAC all week for group discussions and one-on-one meetings. In addition to targeted topics, we encourage attendees with broad or cross-cutting interests to join the various discussions. There will be plenty of work, so we'll need everyone to take part in this transition.

Previous Software Weeks:  Winter 2017, Fall 2017 , Winter 2018

Dates: March 2, 2020 - March 5, 2020

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Location: Two conference rooms in B53 at SLAC have been reserved for each day.

  • 3/2 - Almanor (Rm. 3002) & Havasu (Rm. 3004)
  • 3/3 - Tulare (Rm. 4006) & Toluca (Rm. 4002)
  • 3/4 - Tulare (Rm. 4006) & Toluca (Rm. 4002)
  • 3/5 - Tulare (Rm. 4006) &  Almanor (Rm. 3002)
  • 3/6 - Almanor (Rm. 3002) & Havasu (Rm. 3004)

Slack: The #softwareweek channel is available for discussion.

Remote access: Main room; backup room


  • Liz Hays (arrive Monday ~noon)
  • Don Horner
  • Alex Reustle
  • Joe Asercion
  • Tom Stephens
  • Nicola Omodei
  • Tom Glanzman
  • Richard Dubois (not Tuesday AM; not Wed PM - so far)
  • Brian Van Klaveren
  • Toby Burnett
  • Eric Charles
  • Steve Tether
  • Heather Kelly (remote)
  • Judy Racusin
  • Rob Cameron (Monday only)

Schedule and Agenda

All times Pacific Standard.

One conference room is schedule each day and the other is open for breakout sessions, side meetings, or whatever else might be needed.  There is a lot of time for lunch, too, so we can use some of that time, if needed. 

The is a draft schedule.  Hopefully, it captures all the sessions/topics we will need. Things will probably need to be moved around to accommodate people's schedules or due to discussion at sessions, i.e., pick up something later or work on something that came up, further discuss ideas that come up. 

Friday has been left open in case we need it, and Joe, Alex, Tom, and Don will be around that day.

We can discuss scheduling changes on the #softwareweek channel.

Monday (2020-03-02)

TimeAlmanor (B53, Room 3002)Havasu (B53, Room 3004)
9am-9:30amKickoff (PDF)
  • Discussion of goals and objectives
  • Review accomplishments of previous software weeks.
9:30am-11amCurrent status updates (PDF)
  • Fermitools
    • Overview of current development and build process
    • Upcoming releases
    • Python 3 transition
  • Break
  • SLAC
    • FT2 reprocessing & IGRF model update
    • Batch farm
    • Jenkins
11am-noonCurrent and Future Staffing (PDF)
  • Who is even there anymore and what is their availability?
  • Identify areas of shortfall.
  • Identify people who can take over SLAC infrastructure and Fermitools/Fermipy tasks if current person leaves.
  • Difficulty for FSSC personnel to take over on infrastructure that we don't use regularly.
  • How much can we rely on collaboration people? 
  • Where can external folk inject the most help?
  • Can we create a list of who to contact for various issues?
Fermitools future directions discussion
  • What development needs to be done.  What's missing from the tools.
  • Discuss and work on improving interface between Fermitools and Fermipy.
  • Modularizing the Fermtiools?
  • Effectively freeze the tools?
  • Using other package managers?
  • Who will be in charge of which packages, e.g., gtorbsim
  • What does the C&A group need that isn’t being provided by the FSSC (and vice-versa)
  • Switch to CMake instead of SCons?
  • Support for RHEL6 and older Linux systems.
SLAC infrastructure issues

Tuesday (2020-03-03)


TimeTulare (B53, Room 4006)Toluca (B53, Room 4002)
9am-10amFermitools code development (PDF)(MP4)
  • How to contribute to the Fermitools
  • Go over the process of using the new development paradigm
  • How to use Github, submit patches, etc
  • How to update, build locally etc.
Fermitools Azure pipeline (MP4)
  • Maintenance and development
  • Training on design/development of the Azure pipeline
  • Joe will go in depth about how pipeline functions as Azure and how config file functions.
Fermitools documentation
  • Documentation status
    • Missing fhelp files
    • What is out of date?
  • What is needed?  New threads?  Who will do them?
  • Using Jupyter notebooks
  • Work together on documentation?

Halfpipe & L1 pipeline future

  • FT2 reprocessing & IGRF model update.  Installing new pipeline.

  • Document how to do FT2 reprocessing.
  • Go through current documentation to update (and remove old information).

  • Get together to discuss and write document pipeline how-tos and fixes.

  • Update re-piping documentation. 

  • Document database schema.

  • Dealing with missing datagrams - Causes, handling, what to do if repiping fails?

  • Data lifecycle from an ISOC perspective

    • where does the data go?
    • what do the processing steps do?
    • how does this interact with the infrastructure?
  • Data reprocessing documentation

  • Nicola knows about FT1 reprocessing.  Are the steps documented?


Wednesday (2020-03-04)

TimeTulare (B53, Room 4006)Toluca (B53, Room 4002)
9am-10amFermitools testing
  • How to get the tools tested before release. C&A group role?
  • Improving unit tests.
  • Turn analysis thread Jupyter notebooks into scripts that can be run automatically
Fermitools user support and tracking tasks
  • Where to report issues JIRA vs. Github
  • github tracker and helpdesk staffing, response times etc.
  • Ways to improve the process
11am-noonSLAC move to CentOS.
  • Create the containers and move pipeline to containers to run on Centos7.
  • Do the process together and test.
  • What else is affected? 
Adding capabilities to the FSSC data server
  • The FSSC data server is being moved to new, better hardware, including NVMe SSDs.
  • How this will affect the data server.
  • Do we want to add new capabilities? New filtering? Allow all sky searches?
  • Any new data products to add to the server?
3pm-4pmFermitools bug fix workshop
  • Get together to go through and maybe fix reported Fermitools bugs/issues.
  • Need Eric, Joe, Alex, Tom, Don others?


Thursday (2020-03-05)

TimeTulare (B53, Room 4006)Almanor  (B53, Room 3002)
9am-9:30amChange in SLAC batch system.
  • Have Tom, Brian and ?
  • Work on moving to the new batch system.
  • Have Tom develop contacts with infrastructure staff.
9:30am-10amGLASTRelease and Jenkins
  • Heather, Brian, Alex, Joe, Joanne?
  • Make sure GR builds with Jenkins.  
  • Is Heather's knowledge about build and deployment documented?
  • Review decisions
  • Assign action items

Friday (2020-03-06)

TimeAlmanor (B53, Room 3002)Havasu (B53, Room 3004)


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