The software week goal is to facilitate coordination between communication and collaboration between everyone as we move forward with the transition away from DOE funding for Fermi. FSSC members will be available at SLAC all week for group discussions and one-on-one meetings. In addition to targeted topics, we encourage attendees with broad or cross-cutting interests to join the various discussions. There will be plenty of work, so we'll need everyone to take part in this transition.

Previous Software Week:  Winter Software Week 2017 and associated Notes

Dates: September 11-15, 2017

Location: SLAC: Tulare (4th floor SUSB) primary; Toluca (4th floor SUSB) parallel  (unavailable Wed 9/13 1:30-2:30)

Remote access: using Zoom -



  • eduroam
  • visitor network

Onsite Food:

  • SLAC Cafeteria - 2nd floor SUSB
  • Starbucks - near the Guest House

Remote Attendance: We encourage everyone to attend the meeting in person. But we are also planning to provide remote access capability for people who cannot attend, but are interested in joining the discussions. Please indicate below if you will need remote access so that we can plan effectively.

Strawman agenda

AM9 AM Tulare9 AM Tulare9 AM Tulare9 AM Tulare9 AM Tulare
PM 1 PM ISOC with Steve Tether
Special Event in ROB 3-4:30
Bldg 48
1:00 - 1:30 ISOC ops (Toluca)11:15 field trip to IR2 with Tom G
1:00 - 2:30 ISOC ops (Toluca)
2:00 - 2:30 ISOC ops (Toluca)


NameLocal or Connecting Remotely?FromAvailabilityTopics of Interest
Richard DuboislocalSLACAll week (with lots of holes: Mon 10-11; Tues 9-10; Wed: 12:30-2:30; Thurs 8:30-10); Fri 12:30-2:30 
Joe AsercionlocalFSSCAll week (and then some) 
Tom StephenslocalFSSCAll week 
Heather KellylocalSLACThrough Friday morning about 11 am (missing: Mon 10-11 and 11-noon?) 
Alex ReustlelocalFSSCAll weekSciencetools, Conda, CI, Github, Modularization, Data distribution, data products
Donald HornerlocalFSSCAll week 
Matthew WoodlocalSLACAll week 
Tom GlanzmanlocalSLACIntermittently all weekrepro, cmd-line skimmer, and (as an interested bystander) archiver
Joanne BogartlocalSLACAll week, possible interruptionsUse (or not) of subrepo; future of RM
Rob CameronlocalSLACAll week, with lots of outages 
Joe EggenlocalFSSCAll week 
Elizabeth FerraralocalFSSCThrough midday Friday 
Regina CaputolocalGSFCall week 
Nicola OmodeilocalSU

Tuesday -> Friday (not Monday) and leaving at 3:15 on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

Reprocessing, pipeline
Jermey PerkinslocalGSFCAll Week 
Brian Van KlaverenlocalSLACUnavailable Monday at 11am-12PM, Wednesday 12-2PM, Thursday 10-12PM, maybe others 
Giacomo VianellolocalStanfordAll WeekConda release
Steve TetherlocalSLACAll week off and onISOC support
Warren FockelocalSLACAll WeekL1


Session Blocks

  • Developer/Release workflow
  • Migration to Disk Buffer at SLAC
  • Pipeline Ops Support (running HalfPipe, L1, ASP)
  • ISOC Support
    • Virtualization
    • Archiver
  •  ISOC Operations Tasks and Tools
    • Monitoring, Trending, Reporting
  • ScienceTools
    • package owners/manager
    • Status of ST-User
  • GlastRelease expertise and migration to GitHub
    • External Libraries
  • Documentation
    • Future of the existing workbook
      • Migrate to Confluence or rSt?
  • Skimmer support
  • Reprocessing (Tom and Nicola)


New ideas, Tabled, to be discussed:

  • For Continuous Integration, find way to replace human in the loop testing with automated science validation tests (so a computer can do it for you).
    • Rewrite the technical verification tests to be fast.
    • Write automated Science Validation tests to be fast from the start.
  • Move thread format from HTML to Markdown or RST
  • Find better way to update the documentation. (maybe host it on github).



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