In 2021 LCLS switch to the SLURM batch system.

Information on submitting jobs to the SLURM system at LCLS can be found on this page: Submitting SLURM Batch Jobs

Information on the Automatic Run Processing system (ARP) can be found on this page: Automatic Run Processing (ARP).  This is also usable at sites like NERSC and SDF.

A "cheat sheet" showing similar commands on LSF and SLURM can be found here:

Refer to the table below for the batch resources available in psana. Submit your job from an interactive node (where you land after doing ssh psana). All nodes in the queues listed below run RHEL7. By submitting from an interactive node, also running RHEL7, you will ensure that your job inherits a RHEL7 environment.

Note 1: Jobs for the current experiment can be submitted to fast feedback (FFB) queues, which allocate resources for the most recent experiments. The FFB queues in the tables below are for LCLS-II experiments (TMO, RIX and UED). The FEH experiments (LCLS-I, including XPP) can submit FFB jobs to the new Fast Feedback System.

As of February 2023, the offline compute resources have been consolidated into the psanaq. The priority queues have been removed.

sQueue name

Node names on SLURM queuesNumber of Nodes




RAM [GB/node]

Time limit 



34Primary psana queue401612848hrs
psanagpuqpsanagpu113-psanagpu1186GPU nodes101612848hrs
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  1. Can this page be renamed to Batch Nodes/Queues? It seems to be the only content on the page and I can't find any other pages dedicated to listing the queues and their purposes.