There is a big increase for Belarus between 4/1/20 and 4/14/20. According to the first reported case was Feb 28,  the first death was Mar 31st. On Apr 4 the spring vacation for schools was extended for a week (it was later extended on Apr 10 for another week). Maybe the school spring vacation corresponds to the increase in IPDV between 4/1/20 and 4/16/20. Following 4/16/20 it appears the IPDV drops below previous levels going back to 1/20/20.


For Poland there appears to be an increase in IPDV between 3/6/20 and 3/16/20. The 1st case was reported Mar 4t, the first death Mar 12. Between 10-12 Mar lockdown measures were announced that closed schools, universities and mass events.

The increased IPDV between 3/6/20 and 3/16/20 is seen more clearly in the alldays days data if we highlight the Poland line and change the y-scale for IPDV:


For Bulgaria the first set of peaks seen are between 3/10/20 and 3/19/20 , see the alldays chart below where we have highlighted Bulgaria

Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, Slovak Republic, Moldova

Also have a 1 day peak 3/13/2020 so there maybe a common thread. Since it is a 1 day event it is unlikely to be related to a Covid-19 intervention.See below for an expanded chart 3/13/2020 of the IPDV alldays data.

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