Following a spike on Jan 23rd, after several weeks of low IPDV values, the Faroe islands take a dramatic rise starting 3/10/20 through 3/16/20. The 1st case was Mar 4th, there have been no deaths, On Mar 12 primary, secondary and tertiary schools are closed as are pre-school daycare, also bars and restaurants are urged to close by 22:00. This date corresponds nicely with the increase in IPDV.

There is no marked overall increase or decrease in IPDV for Sweden, Norway or Denmark despite  lots of hills and valleys.

Finland sees a rise starting 3/13/20 reaching a peak on 3/27 and then fluctuating at a level about twice that from the start of February to 3/13/20. Finland reported the 1st case Jan 29,  the first death Mar 21st.  On Mar 16 Finland declared a state of Emergency, schools were closed (excluding early education), government-run public facilities were shut down, <= 10 people can participate in public meetings.

Iceland saw a small increase in IPDV between 3/12/20 and 3/13/20 with some small peaks following until 4/3/20. On Friday Mar 13 Iceland announced that schools and universities would close Monday Mar 16. 

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