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PingER: Shahryar, Les

  1. PingER web services: ?
    1. Extend ViPER to turn into front end for PingER, fix bugs and  extend to Real Time (see ViPER Extension Details and Mapping PingER Metrics): Nauman (has left), Shahryar
      1. Nauman has a real time version working with looks good.
      2. Fix bugs
        1. Still have points in to LH corner
      3. Make JNLP loadable.
      4. Add long term so replace old ViPER
    2. form only shows beacons.
      1. Need to point $sites_fn to pinger.xml instead of beacons.txt & check if the file is xml or flat (for backward compatibility): Shahryar
    3. Case Studies
      1. Case study for E. Asia: Umar, Farhan, Shahryrar
        1. Rough draft ready including comparison with other countries, needs more study to make presentable
    4. Monitoring Hosts:
      1. Contacts with Peru, Argentina, Mexico, Chile: Les
      2. Trying to re-energize African countries in association with IHY and Montpellier meetings
      3. Setup node in UNSW, AU: Umar
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