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Improve ViPER/ PingER

Minor Modifications 

  • Needs help menu to be added that points towards the documentation.
  • The sites on the top left corner needs to be identified.
  • Graphs show up too slow, need to improve this.
  • Zoom has a problem that needs to be corrected.
  • Need to explain the coloring of the links.
  • Select SLAC to CERN no data -- Bug.
  • Add regions to sites/country table.
  • Allow sorting of sites/country table.
  • Add more metrics.
  • Update the documentation on
  • Add PingER site list to help menu. 

Major Improvements 

  • Add transparent graphs to regions using (Java Analysis studio) PingWorld is an example demo.
  • Color various regions according to there performance.
  • Provide detail information of beacon sites in Detail table. 
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