There were demonstration against the government in Malaysia from August 28-31st, 2015. Also Anjum and Johari reported Denial of Service attacks by the Anonymous group against UM and UNIMAS.

PingER RTT & loss time series from SLAC to UM and UNIMAS

We looked at the time series form the UM and UNIMAS hosts. We also looked at the losses for Malaysian hosts monitored from SLAC and noticed a definite increase during the above time period for UPM, USIM and UTAR. The time series are shown below.

HostJuly 7 - Sept 4 2015

Universiti Putra, Serdang

Universiti Sembilang, Nilai Negri
Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Kuala Lumpur in Skudai Johor
Gelugor, Pulau Pinang 

The increase in outages cab be seen in the 100% losses  starting after August 27th. Zooming in for UM and UNIMAS we see below complete outages (100% loss for these hosts.:

Host25 Aug - Sep 4, 2015 - Sept 5 2015


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