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IEPM: Jared, Fahad

  1. Traceanal
    1. Compress traceanal table needs new version of Simile Exhibit (8/30/07): Qasim
    2. Make nodename clickable to viewgraphviz of traceroute [Done 8/30/07]: Asif
    3. Add comment or help on how to find the real hostname (do we need this)
    4. Prepare distributable version of traceanal (assign to an NIIT student) - Qasim
    5. Get CGI script approved by Security (add Tainting) - Asif
    6. Install in production at SLAC
  2. Deploy at NIIT (80% done 8/23/07): Fahad
    1. Pathload segmentation errors (maybe a gcc version problems) [Done 8/30/07]
    2. Setup node at NIIT: Umar
    3. Improve documentation and FAQs: Jaredg
    4. Problem with mtlaytcp (Jared will look at 8/30/07)
  3. Provide installation package: Tanzeel (QAU)
    1. Lot of co-dependencies
    2. Fahad working on  document how he installed, problems and how resolved, will upload to SLAC
  4. Provide ViPER like interface with realtime to IEPM data: Fahad, Shahryar
    1. Problem with node visibility with FireFox (OK with MSIE 6): Fahad
    2. Problem with Java time module
    3. Need to understand how to get updates from iepm in real-time (try accessing URL from web browser): Fahad, Shahryar
      1. Write his own script which will access the data from IEPM-BW database or use Web Service which Asif will develop. So that historic data can be shown on the visualization
  5. Provide data to perfSONAR
  6. Six-month plan for improvements/enhancements, have a draft and comments.
  7. Put together a proposal for an IEPM archive server for a student's final year project, see Fahad
  8. DB Schema: Fahad
    1. Revision of schema to include information required by perfSONAR, PingER and TULIP: Jared
      1. Incorporate suggestions made by Jared: Fahad
    2. Stress testing of the data base and documentation of the findings: Fahad - deadline 06/03/08
      1. List all the tables with their schema for the Monitoring node as well as the Archive Server.
      2. List all possible SQL queries that application will use to respond to user queries as shown here 1
      3. List all possible SQL queries that will be run internally
      4. Run all the queries in 1, 2 & 3 to test for correctness
      5. Analyze the performance results
        1. Add the details of the result sets (# of rows effected etc)
      6. Document your findings
    3. Implementation of the script that aggregates the results
    4. Implementation of the script that transfers the summary & raw data to the archive servers
    5. Deploy the software on maggie2 (archive server) and a prototype monitoring node
    6. Implementation of the scripts triggering tools used by IEPM and consequently parse the results and enter them into the database
    7. Test and deploy the setup at different nodes. Explore the possible scenarios where the setup would include about 60 nodes at various locations in the PERN network.
    8. Devise and implement a scheduler to run tests at appropriate intervals
    9. User interface to view/edit information such as contact details, node description, etc
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