Les, let me clear up a bit on the Kenyatta University issue. Though their bandwidth is supplied by KENET using a /24 block from our /19 allocation, they are hosting their website with another ISP at the moment that is being supplied via Seacom bandwidth hence the reduction in the latency. The KENET block is and KU's specific block is . If you trace an IP from that block, it will pass via ABS satellite who are currently supplying our VSAT capacity.

However, we have been recently (last week) been supplied with a backup link via Seacom by our upstream provider (KDN) that we are currently testing so if you trace some of our blocks eg:, it will pass through a Seacom supplied link. As for Braeburn, I can tell from the IPs they are using that they are being supplied by an ISP that I know is live via Seacom. At the moment, KENET is only supplying Higher education institutions ie research institutions and universities so Braeburn being a school is not under KENET. We are to extend to schools in the future, but currently we have 43 HEIs live.

I hope that clears it up, feel free to reach me if you need more info



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