Bebo White arranged a video meeting with people from RENATA and the ICT Ministry in Colombia on 1/20/2015. They have published a paper on some of their activities. A way forward would be to install one or more PingER monitoring hosts in Colombia so we can start to measure the end-to-end Internet performance from within Columbia.

The RENATA network in  Colombia appears as:

Current situation 1/23/2015

We have been monitoring Universidad de Los Andes, Bogota since Feb 2007.  It currently (last 120 days) appears as:

Where the blue background means no packets lost. It looks pretty good, no day/night differences (which would indicate congestion) .  Couple of spikes. Low losses.


RENATA is connected to the Latin American IXP Red CLARA via Panama.

However, the route from SLAC appears to go from SLAC to Sunnyvale to Los Angeles, to Texas, to Florida, to Venezuela, to Columbia. The route from in Ottawa Canada also goes via Miami.

Overall routeUS portionAnnotated traceroute


We have added 4 hosts in Colombia, 2 in Bogota, 2 in Medellin. We now have;

  • Universidad Cooperativa de Colomba, Bogota
  • Universidad de Santander, Medellin
  • Universidad EAFIT, Medellin
  • Universidad de La Salle, Bogota
  • Universidad de Los Andes, Bogota

Of these Universidad de Los Andes, Bogota has been made a Beacon so it is monitored from other PingER monitors besides SLAC.


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