General Information

     PSR         RA	     DEC	 P0	       P1		F0	    F1       Age	Dist   Edot       CODES (see below)
J1356+0230     209.155  2.508  0.0028  7.825e-21  353.74  -9.8e-16  5.8e9   1.8    1.37e34     RUP mbrw

Quick Info

This pulsar was discovered by TRAPUM's Fermi Sources working group using MeerKAT, targeting the sky position of 4FGL J1356.6+0234. The pulsar was solved by Paulo Freire. For the gamma-ray follow-up, we used the orbital solution, the sky position (see plot below) and F0 from the radio timing analysis.

This binary pulsar was discovered and timed in gamma rays on 26 April 2023. More timing details can be found below.

Legend: Radio = gray, Gamma = green, isolated = cross or plus, binary = circle or square


Left: Gamma-ray pulse profile and photon phases versus time. Orange curve shows maximum-likelihood template pulse profile, faint black curves are from 100 randomly selected MCMC samples.

Right: H-test vs time

Derived Parameters

4FGL source name     = 4FGL J1356.6+0234
Ang. sep. to pulsar  = 0.069
Energy flux (G100)   = 1.909e-12 erg/(cm^2*s)

Galactic longitude l = 338.07 deg
Galactic latitude  b = 60.85 deg
Dispersion measure   = 17.7866 pc/cm^3
YMW16 distance       = 1.82 kpc

Spin frequency F0    = 353.7 Hz
F1                   = -9.8e-16 Hz/s
Spin period P0       = 2.83 ms
P1                   = 7.8e-21 s/s

Spin-down power      = 1.37e34 erg/s
Surface B-field      = 1.5e8 G
B-field at LC        = 6.13e4 G
Characteristic age   = 5.72e9 yr

Corrections for acceleration (For YMW16 distance 1.82 kpc)
Intrinsic F1         = -6.81e-16 Hz/s
Intrinsic P1         = 5.45e-21 s/s

Spin-down power      = 9.52e33 erg/s
Surface B-field      = 1.26e8 G
B-field at LC        = 5.12e4 G
Characteristic age   = 8.23e9 yr
Gamma-ray luminosity = 7.552e32 erg/s
Gamma-ray efficiency = 0.08

Companion mass       = 0.01-0.02 solar masses (typical for Black Widows)

 "4FGL" is the Incremental Fermi Large Area Telescope Fourth Source Catalog  Abdollahi, S. et al. 2022, ApJS, 260, 53   doi: 10.3847/1538-4365/ac6751  arXiv: 2201.11184     ADS: 2022ApJS..260...53A    

 ATNF psrcat  link.

Pulsar History and Characteristics codes:

'G'    'Discovered in Fermi-LAT gamma-ray data.'

'R'    'Discovered in the radio and/or gamma-ray pulsations detected using the radio ephemeris.'

'X'    'Discovered in the X-ray and/or gamma-ray pulsations detected using the X-ray ephemeris.'

'E'    'Pulsar was detected in gamma rays by EGRET/COMPTEL.'

'P'    'Pulsar was discovered by the Pulsar Search Consortium.'

'U'    'Discovered using a Fermi-LAT seed position.'

'r'    'Pulsations detected in the radio band.'

'x'    'Pulsations detected in the X-ray band.'

'm'    'Millisecond pulsar.'

'b'    'Pulsar is in a binary system.'

'w'    'Pulsar is in a black-widow system.'

'k'    'Pulsar is in a redback system.'

'q'   'Gamma pulsar with no radio detection'

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