We routed the connections in the server area of the Klystron Gallery that corresponded to the radiation monitors in beam dump table to a server module so that we can access the live radiation readings from S20 trailer.

There are four radiation monitors placed near cameras near the end of the FACET-II tunnel so that they can tell us which areas around the beam dump area are potentially hazardous for cameras.

We placed a dosimeter near each RADFET to serve as a callibration device.  A fifth dosimeter is kept as a control in my desk drawer (B52-315B.26).

(TLDR: Added DOSFET to controls network)

See network info at bottom of page.

Neutron Detector

As of the August 8th PAMM, we've temporarily added a neutron detector near CHER.  See picture below.



Neutron Detector

Old Pictures:

Cable Connections in Tunnel

Server Room Connections

Klystron Gallery server area near S20 trailer


Network Info:

Name:                         radm-li20-rm01
VLAN :                         FACETINST        (719)
MAC:                           00:80:A3:A1:81:0B
Added to DHCP:          Yes
Location:                     FKG20-2335

Switch :                       SWH:LI20:NW02

Port :                            2/0/38, (Switch 2, port 38)

Data Readout:

To sign into facet-srv01 from FastX:

  1. ssh mcclogin
  2. Enter password
  3. ssh fphysics@facet-srv01
  4. Select account
Just RADFETSAll Radiation Measurements
  1. facethome
  2. LI20 – Experimenter
  3. Click on "RadFET" button in lower right corner
  4. If needed click on "Config" in top right
  1. facethome
  2. LI20 – Experimenter
  3. "PyDM View All Doses"
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