Ped deviation monitoring plot, run by run, for HEX1
Mean and error come from monitoring plots. 3 monitoring plots are shown after

run 0254892010, Jan/29/2009 09:50:12

run 0254926747, 30-Jan-2009 02:13:37

run 0255923834, yesterday (9 feb)

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  1. The spike in pedestal in the top plot is a temperature effect.  That's 28 Jan 2009, after the switch to FSW B2.0, which turned off the Thermal Control System for ~5 hrs.  With TCS off, the heat pipes are closed and heat is kept in the LAT grid.  Because the electronics are still powered, heat is added to the grid, but it can't be conducted out to the radiators.  Thus, the detector temperatures go up.  Once FSW is running again, TCS turns back on, and the heat pipes open to carry heat out to the radiators.