Fuzzy Clustering has suffered compilation problems on windows in the past. Also, its relevance for calorimetry is not yet established. This is why the corresponding calo code is currently staying in a CVS branch of CalRecon package. For what concerns the generic fuzzy clustering code, which could be applied to the clustering of anything, it is staying in a separate package called FuzzyClustering.

The FuzzyClustering package and the branch of CalRecon are not currently tagged in any way. So, one must use the head revision of both, relying on a recent GlastRelease, and pray... On the other hand, FuzzyClustering package is an adaptation of external code which have very few dependencies on other code, and the CalRecon branch is synchronized quite regularly. So, it is not very often broken by the GlastRelease evolutions.

Well, let's try to review the necessary steps :

  1. compile a recent GlastRelease release
  2. create a new development area, depending on the previous GlastRelease
  3. check out the head of branch CalReconFuzzyClustering of package CalRecon
  4. eventually check out Gleam, with the same revision as the one in the previous GlastRelease
  5. check out the head of package FuzzyClustering
  6. edit your options file :
    ApplicationMgr.DLLs += {"FuzzyClustering"} ;
    CalClustersAlg.clusteringToolName = "CalFuzzyClusteringTool" ;
    ToolSvc.CalFuzzyClusteringTool.FuzzyClustering.command = "cini -r2:4 \| fcm \| pick" ;
    ToolSvc.CalFuzzyClusteringTool.solutionNo = 0 ;
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