Structure of CalRecon v5r26

Above is the current state of the code. The next planned step is a step toward something more similar to TkrRecon. First of all, we will extract from CalClustersAlg a new top level algorithm called CalEventEnergyAlg, letting in the former only the clustering related stuff. CalEventEnergyAlg will have default tools which depends on the instance name (same mechanism as in TkrReconAlg). Also, we want to transform the current kernel into a service, which any client will access as a classical Gaudi Service. This makes the class CalReconActor useless. The expected result is show below. It should be close to what will be used for DC2.

The DC2 structure of CalRecon

If you wish more details about the arguments which have lead to the current decisions, you can have a look at those pages, which are more
or less under development :

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