I've generated 2 sets of CAL calibration files (pedestals, asymmetry, MevPerDAC) for two 6Ms periods available in 2012 data.

1) 346000000 < MET < 352000000  or 15-DEC-2011 < date < 27-FEB-2012

2) 352000000 < MET < 358000000  or 27-FEB-2012 < date < 06-MAY-2012

Calibrations are added to calibration database.

Following plot shows the evolution of CAL energy scale (average of 1536 crystals) over 4 years:

Next step is to arrange fully automatic generation of CAL calibrations every 6 Ms.

I use following procedure:

1) submit two batch jobs (asymmetry+pedestals and energy scale) for each group of 16 runs, producing MevperDAC histograms for each crystal and asymmetry histograms for each crystal segment (and pedestals for each channel).

  • 120 jobs, ~few hours each

2) sum all generated histograms for each crystal or crystal segment

3) fit histograms and generate final calibration files.

For the moment I have several separate scripts, which I run manually one after another.

To make the procedure automatic, I just need to write master script which runs all steps sequentially and wait that all jobs from previous step are successfully finished before running next step.

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